Chakra by Chakra Wellness Workshop (kids)

I wish that I would of known about chakras and meditation from a young age not only because of how receptive children are to reiki but just for the self development and the understanding of how each of the chakras are connected to our organs and emotions.
I definitely would of benefited from knowing this when dealing with grief, trauma and confidence issues etc from a young age.
I will be starting Chakra by Chakra at my Wellness workshop, starting on the 6th of July costing £20 a session and lasts for 7 weeks.
Children our the next generation, the future generation and I think that it is important and vital in fact that they know about Reiki and the healing abilities we all possess as it is not talked about enough….
Reiki is a beautiful, pure and intelligent energy to work with and causes no risk or harm to anyone… we are all healers we just need to be tuned in..
Even just learning to meditate could have great benefits for children of all ages dealing with emotions, stresses of exams etc and going through hormonal changes.
Could you imagine knowing all of this how well rounded you would be as an adult I know I can..